Friday, May 31, 2013

A Note on Season 4

Several weeks ago, I watched the season 4 premiere, The Freshman.

Now, considering that my reviews range from stupidly long to obscenely long, you may be surprised to hear that I do write them in real time while watching the episode. I might pause for a hot second, or add an introspective paragraph or two. But for the most part I'm just winging it. Thus the typos.

Why, then, have I not yet posted my review of The Freshman?

Because the "review" that I came up with is 87 words long and includes such stellar insights as:

"Willow's new hair"

 "Library scene--Willow excited"

 "Buffy knows something's up because of Of Human Bondage"


I had nothing to say. I could barely be scathing. I knew I'd have to go back and beef up my notes to at least turn them into complete thoughts and sentences, but so much time has passed that I no longer remember WTF any of them mean.

Season 4 is going to be rough, y'all.

While watching The Freshman, all I could think about was Cordelia Chase, and I wonder what Cordelia Chase would be doing if she enrolled at UC Sunnydale with the rest of these schmucks, and Cordelia Chase would never stand for any of these shenanigans. So I took a break and started watching Angel. Then I remembered the two shows ran parallel to one another with a few unfortunate crossovers. Then I decided that I should review Angel.

So that's what I'll be doing. Each entry will have a short(er) review of one Buffy episode and the corresponding Angel episode. I'll be using this viewing order (thanks!) and reserve the right to give loquacious, single-entry reviews to episodes that deserve it, such as the woefully underrated Beer Bad!!!

I realize I am already the slowest, worst blogger there ever was, but the prospect of having to review boring Buffy Season 4 episodes without the far superior Angel Season 1 episodes to pique my interest is too much to bear. So get ready for the Powers That Be, prophecy after prophecy, and most importantly...