Saturday, March 5, 2011

Season 1 Overview

Hey kids! Season 1 of Buffy is over, and what did we learn?

Buffy has a sacred calling™ to kill vampires.
Buffy cannot be a normal teenager.
Giles Watches Buffy.
Willow is nerdy, and Xander is awful. They research.
Angel is a dreamy vampire. He and Buffy have a forbidden love.
Cordelia is popular. Her jokes are witty and acerbic.
Sunnydale is on the Hellmouth, which is apparently both a location and a monster. I think.
Joyce doesn't know that her daughter is the slayer and thinks that vampires are actually PCP gangs.
Principal Snyder is a big cuddly teddy bear. He was not eaten by students like the last principal. (The kids ate their principal.)

If you haven't read through my ridiculously long episode-by-episode synopsis of season 1, this information should be enough for you to understand my ridiculously long episode-by-episode snyposis of season 2. Get excited.

I've been told that the compulsion to archive and make lists is just a dude thing, so I guess I'm a dude. Here's my ranking of season 1 episodes:

1. Angel
2. The Pack
3. Witch
4. Prophecy Girl
5. The Puppet Show
6. Never Kill A Boy On The First Date
7. Teacher's Pet
8. Welcome To The Hellmouth
9. I, Robot...You, Jane
10. Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight
11. Nightmares
12. The Harvest

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